Shipping & Return

How does the shipping work?

The artworks are delivered directly from us to your doorstep. Art Supreme doesn’t handle any direct shipping from artists at this moment, but we pre-screen and only carefully select creators who are deemed reliable / trustworthy and have previous experience shipping their creations.

In the future we will work with our creators to use recommended and trusted shipping carriers for our featured sellers, but this may vary if the seller has a trusted / better alternative he/she is comfortable with.

In case of any concerns, please reach out to contact us at

Which countries do we ship to?

We ship worldwide.

How much will the delivery cost me?

We have a flat rate worldwide shipping policy which amount to 15 Euro (16,62 USD)

How long does it take normally for an order to arrive?

The expected delivery time ranges from several days for European orders up to two weeks for international/intercontinental orders. After order has been placed we will provide you with the shipment tracking number on your email.